carol2Cari Amici,

The first time I went to Rome I was as green as a freshly plucked summer zucchini. I didn’t know the first thing about eating in Rome or in any part of Italy for that matter.

But love is a great master, and on that first trip to the Eternal City I was struck by a colpo di fulmine, literally a lightning strike, but in Italy used to describe the moment when a person falls hopelessly in love. In my case, the object of that enduring passion was the city of Rome — its history, its art, its energy, and, not least of all, its food.

Twenty-three years and over 50 return trips later, my love for Rome has led me on a mission to celebrate and glorify its often over-looked and under-appreciated cuisine.

Rome is not an easy city to navigate. It can be confusing, over-whelming and numbingly intimidating. And in spite of its immense wealth of art, ruins, and countless historical treasures, for many people it’s not easy to love.

I want to change all that. If you’re traveling to Rome for the first time, I’d like the opportunity to set you up to fall in love, to point you in the right direction, away from the pitfalls and tourist traps, and straight to some incredible restaurants and enticing Roman adventures.

If you’ve already been to Rome and not had such a good experience and are thinking about a return trip, I can guarantee you’ll see Rome through different eyes the next time. If, like me, you’re already smitten, I can expand and enhance your exposure to the best Rome has to offer.

In addition to studying, cooking, and eating in Rome for the past 23 years, my experiences include:

  • Operator and creator of cooking and sightseeing tours to Rome
  • Lecturer in association with L’Esposizione Gastronomica e Vinicola
  • Author —  The Tampa Tribune, Media General synciation and numerous online articles.  Books –  Flavors of Rome: How, What & Where To Eat In The Eternal City, Best Restaurants in Rome 2010, How to Eat in Italy if Chicken Parm is Your Favorite Italian Dish.
  • Student at Citta del Gusto, Pepe Verde Accademia di Alta Cucina, International Wine Academy, all of Rome
  • Independent travel consultant to Rome and beyond

But like all true and worthy loves, it never ends, and so I’m constantly learning more, adding contacts, discovering one more wonderful trattoria, one more unforgettable encounter.

Hoping to meet you somewhere along the road to Rome.

A presto,

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Carol Coviello-Malzone