23 Jun


Romans love their pasta e ceci so much they’ve figured out a way to make this cold weather comfort food work for them in the heat of the summer.  They call it pasta e ceci freddo, the same dish served, well, not exactly cold, but at room temperature.

With that in mind, one 90-plus degree day here in Florida, I decided to cook up a pot of this classic Roman soup using the bag of Umbrian chickpeas I had just ordered from Gustiamo, my go-to purveyor of Italian imported foods.
Pasta e CeciAt the end though I couldn’t wait for the cool down and ate it steaming hot.
Like many soups, pasta e ceci gets better as it sits, and so the next day I just took the chill off in the microwave, topped with a dollop of EVOO and grated parmigiano-reggiano and went at it like a Roman. The flavors were even more intense and satisfying in this “cold” state.

Call them ceci, chickpeas, or garbanzos, if you look at these little legumes (or pulses) closely, you’ll see that they resemble little ram heads which is how they got their Latin name, cicer arietinum, from aries, meaning ram.

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