20 Sep


What was it that drew all those 18th-century Northern European stiff-collared gentlemen and parasol-toting ladies away from the routine of their proper lives to the wilder shores of the Amalfi Coast and the ruins of once-pagan Rome?

I’ve been there, so like Lord Byron, John Keats, and Kim Kardashian, I understand the lure.

Paradise, of course,  is the enchanting land of the Amalfi Coast – that place where some say God fell in love.

In April 2012, I’ll be accompanying a small group for a week-long customized (by me) tour to Positano, a gem of a seaside town tucked into the center of the Amalfi coastline, and then on to Rome for a taste of La Dolce Vita.  We’ll be guided by the top professionals in the business, those Italians who know and love their land intimately, and the food – well, because I make it a point to never be disappointed at the table – will be exquisite beyond belief.

And if you’ve ever wanted to be a character in a book, this could be your chance since I’ll be gathering material for my next tome.

For details, prices, and itinerary, please click here: April 2012 Tour Details

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