11 Apr


61X-oZo4mKL._AA160_I’ve been collecting books about Italy for as long as I can remember.  My shelves ache from the weight of them all.  Some I devour then never look at again, some I use solely for reference material, and then there are those that become family.

I’ve never met Elizabeth Minchilli, but we have so many mutual friends and colleagues, I feel as though I have. Her new book Eating Rome is a lovely mental stroll through a city that was once my second home, which is my reason for placing it on the “family” book shelf.

PIERLUIGII bought this book because of its author; you should buy it because of Rome. Dining al fresco is part of the romance of the Eternal City, an experience to be savored. Elizabeth tells you how to do it as the Romans do.

Not merely a culinary guide, Eating Rome is a window into Roman life from the pen of an American expat whose love for her city is deep.


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