24 Mar


Once upon a time—or as they say it Italy, c’era una volta—before I ever went to Italy, I had an Italian tutor who insisted I learn the basics: the tenses, the moods, the irregular verbs, the articles and prepositions, and fundamental vocabulary.  Somewhere between  the conditional and the past perfect subjunctive, I finally opened my mouth.

That was over 25 years ago. Today I am fluent in Italian in some instances, for example when the subject is dinner at the local trattoria or the paintings of Caravaggio, and passable when the conversation turns to politics or traffic on the autostrada.  And the longer it is between visits to Italy or meeting up with another Italian speaker, the more I find the need to brush up on my language skills. In my quest to improve and maintain my language skills throughout these more than 2 decades, I’ve purchased most of the printed and audio programs on the market. Some were good, some were not so good, but all were boring.

And then I came across Tutto italiano which is unlike all the other Italian language courses out there.


tutto-italiano-italian-audio-magazine-cover-7What makes Tutto italiano different is also what makes it so interesting. For example, you won’t find a section teaching you how to get to the train station. Think about it! You can get to Stazione Termini in Rome just fine without knowing one word of Italian—train, treno, a few charade moves, and you’re on your way to catch the 9:06 Eurostar to Naples.


Tutto italiano, on the other hand, brings you straight into the heart of Italy in an entertaining and informative way.

Each bi-monthly shipment includes a glossy full-color magazine. Articles focus on every aspect of Italian culture and current events— from the state of Italian fashion to the political state of affairs, from the national soccer mania to the countrywide obsession with food, and more.

The accompanying CD, spoken by professional narrators, allows you to tune your ear to the various regional accents and intonations. Going back and forth between the text and the audio versions puts you confidently on that road to Rome or Bologna or Palermo, enhancing your travel experience with an in depth understanding of the country and the people who speak this beautiful language.

I truly love this program and recommend it highly to anyone studying Italian beyond the absolute basics.

Full disclosure here: I do receive a small commission if you purchase from a link on my site.

Additional disclosure: I will never endorse a product or a person or a group of any kind if it’s not personally known and vetted by me, whether there is a monetary component or not, and most of the time, there is not.


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