18 Feb

GUSTIAMO: Con Gusto…

Con gusto translates to “in good taste”.  If you’re eating with an Italian and he/she says gustoso, that means “tasty, good”.

My obsession with the food of Italy began many years ago.  The exact moment can be traced to my first meal in a restaurant in Rome, ordered for me by Roman friends (the menu was unintelligible to me back then and contained no chicken parm or the like) that hit me like a lightning bolt from antipasto to dessert. I’ve been impossible to eat with ever since. Italian restaurants in the US mostly disappoint and finding quality Italian products for my kitchen, almost impossible.  Almost!

So for all my friends and readers who wonder why I’m always talking and writing about Gustiamo, I present this video of Beatrice Ughi, founder of Gustiamo. She’ll explain.



Of course, after you watch this, you’ll want to order something.  In this year of a disastrous olive harvest in much of Italy, there’s so much awful olive oil in our markets falsely labeled  “Extra Virgin” and “Made in Italy” (at such ridiculously low prices it should make you wonder), I think you should do as I do and treat yourself to the real thing. Enter the code FOR and you’ll receive my discount.

I challenge you to dunk your bread in any of these incredible olive oils—personally selected, tasted, and authenticated by Beatrice herself—and then try to be happy with anything less.  Like me, you’ll be impossible to eat with.

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