26 Jan


Botox is getting cheaper and so is travel to Italy. (Experts predict the euro may equal the dollar by mid-year.)  While the former may smooth your furrowed brow, a dream trip to Rome, or Venice, or the Tuscan countryside can provide a lift like nothing else.

50Places_BOOKpgSo may I suggest that instead of botox (or, if you’re able, in addition to) book a dream trip to Italy with Susan Van Allen. Susan and I have been friends since we met at a reception at the Belgian Embassy in Rome over eight years ago and together have drooled all over the wonders of Italy from Venice to Sicily. We both know how Italy (even more than those cosmetic injections) can transform, enhance, and refresh.

In my 23 years of touring, living, and loving Italy, I’ve been renewed many times over by the food, the artistic masterpieces, the landscape designed by both nature and man, by the sense of la dolce vita that permeates the culture. And each time I return home, I carry the dream back with me.

Susan knows how to bring that dream, that energizing experience, into your life. The worst that can happen is— just like botox— you might have to go back for touch-ups. It’s addictive.


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