2 Nov

ANTIPASTO: The Opening Act

Designing the menu for my cooking classes is part of the fun. Like selecting an outfit for the grand ball, it all has to go together, you don’t want to be too fussy or complicated, and at the end, you want to look spectacular.

And so for an antipasto, I go back to a simple recipe I learned from a chef and restaurant owner in Rome several years ago.

Praline di Caprino e Noci con Miele

Praline di Caprino e Noci con Miele

Praline di caprino e noci con miele (little goat cheese balls adorned with walnuts, honey, parmigiana-reggiano, and balsamico) have been the starter for many meals in my home since then.

The best part is how easy  and foolproof they are to make, and how wonderfully they complement a glass of prosecco, an important part of the overall design.

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